Wholistic Kids and Families integrates the best of Western allopathic pediatrics with holistic and complementary modalities.

We can prescribe herbs and supplements just as easily as antibiotics and medications. Prevention is our goal, and we will go to any length to protect the health of your child. We look forward to working with your family to create a custom tailored ultra-prevention program to keep them healthy now and 50 years from now.

Ultra-Preventative Care Model

The Chinese have believed for thousands of years that physical disease is only a very late manifestation of longstanding imbalances within the body. Read More

Wholistic Integrative Services

Have you ever wished that your pediatrician would use or prescribe something other than prescription medications and antibiotics? Read More

Lifestyle & Nutritional Services

Do you struggle to find ways to get your child to eat a healthy diet? Do you know how to use foods to optimize your child’s mind, immune and detoxification systems?

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Individualized Supplementation Programs

Have you ever struggled to find the right supplement for your child or family? We have years of experience prescribing supplements for wellness and the treatment of serious chronic disease. Read More

Vaccine-Friendly Services & Counseling

Please contact us to learn more about the vaccine-friendly services and counseling and educational programs we offer.

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The Concierge Pediatric Experience

Come in and explore a different pediatric experience.

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